Stair Railings & Transfer Poles

stair railings and transfer poles
Although many falls occur in the bathroom, more of them actually occur on the stairs and adjacent to the bed. Appropriate support during these frequent and potentially hazardous maneuvers is critical to maintaining one’s independence. We are uniquely capable of providing the right solution to prevent falls in the most expedient, attractive and cost-effective manner possible.


Determination of the appropriate stair and transfer solutions should consider the individuals height, weight, mobility and device usage (if any) as well as the existing environmental conditions. As we discuss our proposed solution with our clients, we are not shy about communicating other potential fall contributors like excess clutter, poor lighting or loose throw rugs. We prefer to perform this assessment in person, but we are happy to do a remote video consultation or even develop a quote based upon your texted photos.

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stair railings

Stair Railings

Properly positioned and properly constructed railings on both sides of any stairs will greatly reduce the likelihood of a fall occurring. Sadly, though, most homes are not equipped with proper railings that are easy to grip, consistent in height above each step and continuous beyond both the top and bottom of the stairs. Whether a wall-mount railing or a free-standing railing is needed, we pride ourselves on providing sturdy, attractive and appropriate solutions which are effective at improving confidence and reducing the likelihood of falls on stairs.


We custom fabricate steel railings for exterior applications to ensure that they will be sturdy, attractive and maintenance-free. During our assessment, we determine the appropriate specifications for the given application to ensure code compliance and effectiveness, and we work with you to achieve the desired aesthetic. We then design, fabricate and powder-coat the railings (primer and finish to ensure long lasting and maintenance-free attractiveness). We return to securely install the railings about one week later. Whether a single step or a full flight of stairs, sturdy support is necessary. And whether you prefer a decorative wrought iron style or a simple and cost-effective tube style, the railing needs to be designed properly and installed securely for it to be an effective solution.

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interior stairs


For interior applications, we custom fabricate the railing out of wood, steel or aluminum to match your functional, aesthetic and budgetary needs. We can match nearly every existing décor, or select an easy to grip railing stock that works for your budget and aesthetic. We then design and fabricate the railing, paint or stain it to your preference and ultimately install it securely such that it both adds safety (for all users) and value to your home.


Our most common location for providing railings is on the stairs leading from the house to the garage. These frequently travelled stairs are often not in the best condition or lighting and adequate support is typically lacking. Our go-to solution for a couple of stairs is a sturdy, custom fabricated steel railing, or even better yet, a pair of identical railings. Whether a full flight or just a couple of stairs, a sturdy railing will enhance your confidence and reduce your likelihood of falling.

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transfer poles

Transfer Poles

Transfer poles provide support for transitioning from sitting to standing (or from sitting to wheelchair) at key locations throughout the home. Most commonly they are recommended adjacent to the bed to support while positioning in bed and for getting in and out safely. Sturdy support beside the bed is so important to reduce the likelihood of falling, especially in the middle of the night when our legs may still be asleep, the lighting may be poor and our heads may still be cloudy. These practical poles are also highly effective next to recliners, couches or even in the bathroom. We will guide you in not only identifying the potential locations at which a pole may be helpful but also in determining the best version of a transfer pole (e.g. floor mounted, floor to ceiling, with or without a cross bar, angled ceiling mount, height extension, etc.). Transfer poles are one of the most under-utilized and most practical home modifications and we are expert at maximizing their effectiveness.

Custom Transfer Solutions

Although railings and poles are our most common solutions for stairs and independent transfers, our solutions are not limited to just these two categories. Whether it’s bed rail, chair riser or other supportive device or system, we have experienced nearly every combination of possible user and environmental challenge and we love to bring that experience to bear on new customer challenges. As with every solution category, we have access to vast array of products exist to help individuals with different physical limitations and space constraints, including solutions with high weight ratings for bariatric (obese) individuals.

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We take pride in leveraging our experience and expertise to guide our clients to the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their particular situation. We will not recommend or provide a product that we do not feel is safe for both the user and the caregiver. Since we are a comprehensive home modification provider, we will always guide you to the safest and most cost-effective solution. Please tap in to our knowledge, even if it is just for a second opinion.

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Case Study

Learn how Home Safety Services created a walker step solution to a couple’s home so that they could safely enjoy their beautiful backyard.