Stair, Porch & Overhead Lifts

When access to or mobility within the home become an issue, a lift may be the answer. Often times, lifts enable an individual to remain in their own home for the rest of their life, even when it is a multi-story home. When compared to the financial, emotional and logistical cost of relocating, lifts are often a tremendous value. We are advocates for investing in lift solutions sooner rather than later so as to maximize your access and minimize your likelihood of an injurious and potentially life changing fall.
stair, porch, and overhead lifts


Proper evaluation for a lift solution requires a significant breadth of expertise. One must not only know what type of lift is going to be most effective for the given application but also whether a ramp or other device may provide a better overall solution. Lift assessments must take into account the user’s height, weight, mobility and device usage. The presence and capability of a caregiver needs to also be factored in. Finally, the site conditions, including the elevation change, construction and clearances, should be combined with the user and caregiver information to lead to the appropriate solution. We use the latest technology to design and demonstrate the solution to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

stair lifts

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts (also referred to as chair lifts, stair chairs or chair guides) consist of a track, motor and chair. The chair glides smoothly along the track transporting the user up the stairs safely and comfortably. Stair lifts are available for nearly every application whether the stairs are straight, curved or switchback and whether indoor or outdoor. Standard installations involve anchoring the track downward into the stair treads (although side mounting is possible in some instances). Today’s stairlifts are battery operated to ensure reliable operation even in the event of a power outage. Custom features also accommodate elevated weight ratings, folding or telescoping tracks, parking stations, power options and styling/colors to match your décor and preference. Particular attention should be paid to the track at the top and bottom of the stairs to ensure that it does not obstruct the path of other occupants. We have great solutions make stair lifts as functional, attractive and unobtrusive as possible.

Straight Lifts

Straight lifts are the least expensive as straight track is relatively easy to shorten or lengthen as needed. Care must be taken to determine which side of the stairs to place the lift such that it will be most accessible to the user and most out of the way for other residents. Drop nose, sliding and folding tracks enable us to keep the track and chair out of the way of other occupants. Accommodations can also be made to deal with obstructions such as doors at the immediate top or bottom of the stairs. Two straight lifts can also be used in combination to navigate an intermediate landing at a lower cost than a custom curved lift. When a straight lift is an option, it is a great investment in order to ensure complete access to and enjoyment of your home.

straight lifts
curved lifts

Curved Lifts

Curved stairways or those with intermediate landings require a custom curved lift. These custom fabricated systems follow the contour of the stairway (on either the inside or outside of the curve) from bottom to top in a smooth and secure ride. Curved lifts can readily be configured to have the track extend horizontally or wrap around the bannister at either end, greatly enhancing the logistics, ease of use and aesthetics. By definition, custom curved lifts come at a higher price point and a longer lead time.

Exterior Lifts

Both straight and curved lifts are available for exterior applications with all of the features discussed above. Exterior lifts are more expensive as the components need to be aluminum or stainless steel in order to prevent rust. The electronics must also be sealed appropriately and a cover should be provided to protect the chair from the harshest elements. Other than that, a stair lift for exterior applications are available to navigate as few or as many stairs as you may have.

exterior lifts
vertical platform lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift (VPL) functions similar to an open-air elevator. The user or assistant operates the lift via a push of a button, raising and lowering the platform and the occupant safely and smoothly as needed. VPL’s are ideal for wheelchair users when sufficient space for an appropriate ramp is not available. VPL’s also generally become more cost effective than ramps when the elevation change exceeds about 36”. Frequently, a concrete pad or reconstructing a deck or stairs is required to accompany the lift in order to achieve a complete solution. We are your one-stop provider, from start to finish, including design, permitting, electrical, concrete, carpentry and installation.

Overhead Lifts

When an individual requires full assistance when transferring to and from a wheelchair, an overhead lift system may be appropriate. Overhead lifts can be provided to address isolated transfer points within the home or continuous throughout a bedroom and bathroom or even throughout an entire home. A comfortable sling is slid beneath the individual and then connected to a lifting motor overhead. A caregiver can then operate the lift via a simple controller, raising, lowering and transporting the individual as necessary. A properly designed overhead lift system makes it possible for a single caregiver to transfer a disabled individual safely without risk of injury to either party.

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specialty solutions

Specialty Solutions

Less common lift solutions include inclined platform lifts, powered stair climbers and other specialty lift devices. Upon gaining an understanding of your specific situation, we will be able to guide you to the appropriate solution whether it is a common or unusual one. We can help with any solution short of a full blown interior elevator (for which we are happy to refer to specialists that focus upon those).

Rentals and Refurbished Equipment

We have a supply of used equipment that we make available for rental or purchase. Straight stair lifts and vertical platform lifts are what we are most likely to have in stock. We do not have used equipment for every application by any means, but when we do it is a “home run.” We are able to recycle some previously used equipment and save you some money. Unfortunately, used equipment that will be a fit for a curved stair lift application is highly unlikely as very few staircases are identical. However, occasionally use of two refurbished straight lifts may suffice in some cases. Please don’t hesitate to ask if we have refurbished equipment available for your application.


When a lift is no longer needed, the components may still have some value. Unfortunately, effort is required to remove a lift and cost is associated with storing and refurbishing the components in hopes of being to find an application for them in the future. For these reasons, it is generally industry practice that companies may remove a lift at no cost (depending upon it’s age and condition). Unfortunately, however, they are typically not bought back. Should you need a lift removed, please contact us and in most cases we will remove it at no charge.

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We take pride in leveraging our experience and expertise to guide our clients to the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their particular situation. We will not recommend or provide a product that we do not feel is safe for both the user and the caregiver. Since we are a comprehensive home modification provider, we will always guide you to the safest and most cost-effective solution. Please tap in to our knowledge, even if it is just for a second opinion.

stair lifts case study

Case Study

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