Healthcare Providers & Clinicians

Description: Healthcare providers including doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists along with case managers, care managers and social workers provide a wealth of insight and resources to their patients. Relationship: Home Safety Services provides essential full-scale home modification services in support of improved patient outcomes and serves as a trusted referral partner to hundreds of healthcare providers throughout Northern California.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • Full-Spectrum 1-Stop Home Modifications Provider We are qualified to both assess for and install the most appropriate solutions (e.g. grab bars, railings, ramps, lifts, bathroom modifications, etc.).
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission We are held to the same patient safety standards as hospitals and healthcare providers.
  • Quick turn times for all services Our exclusive focus on minor home modifications combined with our inventoried vehicles and trained technicians enable us to provide solutions instantly upon authorization.
  • Rapid Ramp Program Our vast experience with modular wheelchair ramps and thresholds combined with our huge inventory of equipment we maintain enable us to provide ramp solutions on the same or next day when needed for urgent discharges.
  • Certified Employee Installers Our installers are our employees who have completed our thorough in-house training and certification process. Every technician knows not only what to install but also how and where to install in for maximum benefit.
  • Clinicians and providers can refer to us with confidence knowing that we will reflect well upon the referring party.

Program Description

  • Clinicians – Physicians following the CDC’s STEADI protocol are required to “optimize home safety” for their patients deemed to be at high risk of falls. As an Accredited and Licensed provider, referring to us for home assessments and modifications will fulfill a clinicians responsibility of connecting one’s patients with an appropriate resource.
  • Nurses, Case Managers, Social Workers – This collection of patient advocates make the difference in the outcomes of their patients by taking the extra step of facilitating the connection with necessary resources. We happily accept referrals via phone, fax, text or web-form.
  • Discharge Planners – Hospitals are now penalized for avoidable readmissions. Home modifications have shown to reduce readmissions (re-hospitalizations) significantly by preventing injurious falls. Our model is built to respond to the short notice discharges which require everything from a simple grab bar to a complicated wheelchair ramp within days (and sometimes hours).
  • Occupational Therapists – We have a special bond with OT’s as we share a common passion and expertise of enhancing an individual’s independence and safety in performing their daily activities (ADLs). We collaborate with OT’s to ensure patients are provided with the right devices, positioned appropriately and installed securely so as to meet the individual patient’s unique needs.
  • Physical Therapists – We compliment the efforts of PT’s by providing supportive devices which will aid in recovery and prevent future injuries. PT’s often engage with seniors multiple times enabling them to develop a genuine rapport which lends tremendous credence to their suggestions. As a result, PT’s are very effective at convincing their patients to make practical modifications.
  • Home Health – Providers are scored and their reimbursements are impacted by improvements in a patient’s ability to perform the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Simply adding a bath bench, hand held shower and grab bars can change a patient’s level from “full assist” to “independent” in a couple of hours and for only a few hundred dollars.
  • Home Care – Agencies are motivated to connect us with their clients as home modifications:
    1. reduce client falls, injuries, hospitalizations and deaths thereby maximizing an agency’s length of engagement;
    2. reduce caregiver injuries thereby improving caregiver happiness and reducing workers compensation exposure; and
    3. enhance the peace of mind of their client (and their family members).
Summary Statement: We value our relationships with the numerous healthcare providers that have trusted us with their referrals through the years. We are huge fans of healthcare providers especially those that take the extra step of advocating for their patients’ well-being and connecting them to essential resources (like us).
CONTACT US to inquire further as to how to connect your team and your patients with us. Consider a team meeting or training at our Home Modification Solution Center in order to keep abreast of the latest and greatest options available for keeping your patients safe at home.