Myra (79) is a longtime resident of Turlock, and a happy member of Stanislaus County. Her daughter Vanessa lives less than a mile away, and always helps her with anything she needs. Unfortunately, Vannesa’s father was diagnosed with alzheimers a few years ago. Due to this diagnosis he currently lives with Vanessa which takes up more of her time and focus. Because of this it has proven difficult for Vanessa to ensure her mom’s safety in her home. As a consequence of her growing age, and now living alone, Myra and Vanessa both have grown fearful of Myra having a fall in her home. Vanessa decided to do her best to find something or someone who could help. After doing some of her own research she found, through the Stanislaus County’s Area Agency on Aging, Healthy Aging Association’s The Dignity At Home – Fall Prevention Program. During the in-home fall prevention assessment a common tripping hazard, as seen in so many homes, was noticed; throw rugs. It was recommended that Myra try to remove all throw rugs or area rugs in the home due to them being a potential fall risk, further advice included to either tape them down or to replace them with anti slip rugs. Though her home was free of clutter, it was also recommended that Myra attempt to keep all counter spaces at least a hands length free of clutter from the edge to provide an adequate surface to hold onto. A file of life and med-card were both supplied to the home with instructions on how to properly fill them out and where to place them. 3 night lights were also provided to the home to help keep pathways well lit at night. Myra expressed her biggest concern in the home being the bathroom. To help ease her concerns in this area some fall prevention items were provided. A diagonal grab bar was installed to provide her with support while using the facilities. A horizontal grab bar was installed inside the shower/tub wall for support while bathing along with a shower head bracket to make bathing easier. Lastly, a vertical grab bar gives Myra the confidence to get in and out of her shower/tub combo safely. Checking in with Myra after she had some time to use her fall prevention accessories she rated the program a 5 out of 5 saying, “It’s helped me so much! It really is such a great, and helpful program.”