Margaret has lived in her Modesto home for over 70 years and loves her home and community. Her daughter Fay makes sure that someone is always present with Margaret due to her impressive older age. Though she is just over 100 years old Margaret is still capable of doing multiple daily tasks on her own, but it is comforting for her to know someone is close by in the event of a fall or emergency. Because of her growing age Fay has noticed more and more decline in Margaret’s mobility leading to an increased difficulty in helping her complete daily tasks such as bathing. Through reaching out to the Stanislaus County’s Area Agency on Aging,

Fay discovered the Healthy Aging Association’s Dignity At Home – Fall Prevention Program. During the in-home fall prevention assessment some fall prevention accessories were already present including a grab bar at the front entryway. While exploring further, it was apparent that the family did everything they could think of to limit Margaret’s fall risk. Passageways were clear of any potential tripping hazards, and there were hardly any throw rugs throughout the home with one’s present being non-slip. Fall prevention education was relayed to the family, such as the importance of open counter spaces to provide a safe area to hold onto and proper lighting. Due to some dimly lit areas of the home four nightlights were provided to the family, with advice of placing the lights in areas such as the bathroom, and hallways. A file of life and med-card were both also donated to Margaret with instructions on how to properly use them in the event of an emergency. The Dignity At Home team recommended some installations of fall prevention accessories to ensure Margaret’s safety, and independence. A total of three grabs were installed in the home, one being installed to replace a small/unsafe handle in the garage, the other two were installed in the shower to provide much needed support while bathing. Other items installed included a shower head bracket, and a toilet safety frame to assist Margaret with using the facilities safely. Checking in with Fay a few weeks after the installations were complete she expressed her gratitude for the program saying that her mom has not had a fall since receiving the installations. Fay also told the team that her mother’s overall fear of falling greatly reduced and that they couldn’t be happier about the equipment they received. Giving the program a 5 star rating Fay expressed, “The program was great, and such a positive experience!”