Deanne is a long time resident of Oakdale, located in Stanislaus County. At the age of 84 she tries to stay as healthy and active as she can by eating well, and doing chores around her home often. Due to a couple of falls, which occurred at her home, Deanne had recently grown greatly concerned for her safety and independence. Her son, who since has moved across the country, attempted to help his mom as much as possible by improving some features in her home for safety. Unfortunately, even with these great fall prevention accessories, Deanne still showed worry about her fall risk and felt unsafe showering alone. By reaching out to the Senior Information Line, Deanne was able to be referred to The Dignity At
Home – Fall Prevention Program and the Healthy Aging Association. During her in-home fall prevention assessment Deanne was able to receive some great tips on reducing her fall risk around the home. One tip included the removal of the always hazardous throw rugs. A section of reflection tape was installed on the top of some treacherous steps in the living room to ensure Deanne see’s the steps, even if dimly lit. To assist with nighttime lighting three night lights were provided as well. One file of life, and one personal med-card were also provided in case of any emergencies, and it was explained in detail how to fill them out. Deanne’s main concern about falling in her home was in her living room, and her downstairs shower. To provide her with the confidence and ability to bathe, fall prevention accessories were installed. Deanne received one vertical grab bar to assist with using the shower, and a shower head bracket to assist as well. In the kitchen/living room area a vertical grab bar was installed to assist with the steep steps. Checking in with Deanne a few weeks after her installations were complete she was ecstatic with the help. Giving the program a five star rating, Deanne expressed her gratitude saying, “I can finally shower! This program was fantastic, and it was quick!”

Home Safety Services is proud to help with the falls prevention needs of the Dignity at Home program clients.