“With deeply grateful hearts, we are writing to you for the
opportunity that the program you represent has given us, to have the
protection bars that my 94-year-old mother, Blasa Marrero, needed in
her bathroom.

Truly, from the first call we made to Meals on Wheels recommended by
therapist Johanna Segura, to the completion of the job, we were in awe
of the professionalism and efficiency of each person involved every
step of the way. Today my mother is more protected and safer and we,
as her family, with less stress.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Janett, as a
Program specialist, for kindly connecting us with all the people who
helped us step by step, and to the Program for authorizing the
purchase of one of the L-shaped bars that required a special and more
expensive order. To Heather, the Physical Therapist who came to our
home and did an evaluation of my mother and determined the bars that
she needed for her safety in her bathroom. To The technicians, Carlos
Medina and Mike Rodríguez from Home Safety Services Inc., who
installed the three bars. In short, I recommend to all people in need
of protection and security, whether due to their age or physical
conditions, that they confidently come to Meals on Wheels, and that at
the same time they send their donations so that they can continue this
work that is so altruistic and necessary.

Thank you again. God bless you,

“Thank you for the positive and thankful words. Home Safety Services is proud to partner and help with the falls prevention needs of Meals on Wheels Diablo Region’s clients.”-Home Safety Services Team