Since the death of her husband some years ago, 80 year-old Carole lives alone in a charmingly decorated ranch style home. With Carole’s recently diagnosed dementia adding to the fact that she has had several falls in the past year,Jennifer, her granddaughter, has taken two major steps. She provided a Life Alert and contacted Dignity at Home for an evaluation. Carole proudly flaunted her new alert necklace but was not as enthusiastic about Dignity at Home’s suggestions of eliminating her floppy, backless slippers and some of the many throw rugs. However, she was interested in what safety accessories could be provided to help with hygiene and access to her yard.

With an emphasis on independence, Dignity at Home focused on these two areas. A railing for Carole’s main entry to the home provides support on previously open stairs. What she is most enthusiastic about, however, are the changes to her bathroom. Where she had been hesitant about showering, she now showers with confidence as there are two grab bars as well as a hand-held shower head and a bracket to hang it within easy reach. Carole also received 3 Night Lights to help light her pathways throughout her home. Granddaughter Jennifer reported the removal of some throw rugs, along with trading out Carole’s slippers for athletic shoes. The family expressed full satisfaction with these improvements, and Carole was reported to say, “I feel much more safe in the shower due to the grab bars!”

Home Safety Services is a proud partner with the Healthy Aging Association to help prevent falls.