Both Juan and his wife have had several falls in the recent past. Their daughter and granddaughter, who both live with them, care enough to reach out to get help, and at a routine appointment Kaiser gave them a referral to The Dignity at Home – Fall
Prevention Program.

Dignity at Home can only make recommendations, so it was with disappointment but with understanding
that Juan and his wife did not agree to move their bedroom belongings to the first floor of the
two-story home, thus avoiding many stairs. However, Juan was eager to see changes in their bathroom, where he did feel some insecurity. A safety frame, bolted to the toilet, gives much support for sitting and standing. The master bathroom shower now sports two grab bars, one at entry and one horizontally on the side wall for standing support. Juan is so
happy about how these have helped him that he says he might see about getting one above the stairs,
which they will continue to use, living on the second floor. Juan gave the program a 5 star rating

“All of the installations are great, and make me very happy!”

Home Safety Services is a proud partner with the Healthy Aging Association to help prevent falls.