Frieda, originally from Switzerland, is a longtime resident of Ceres. Recently, at her son’s home, she went to put on her shoes from a seated position, felt as if she were about to fall, and over-corrected, falling backward and sustaining a hip fracture. Although she was up and around with a walker in just over a month, Frieda’s family recognized the need for some changes, which she happily embraced. The Dignity At Home – Fall Prevention Program was recommended by the Area Agency on Aging.

The home assessment discovered a house with no clutter and just a couple throw rugs that were instantly removed when pointed out as fall hazards. The challenge of the home consists of multiple steps in the living room area as it is raised. Frieda has organized her life to avoid some of these, but Dignity at Home was able to help with grab bars leading into part of the living room and also into the garage, where her car is parked and the laundry area is; a route that she uses often. Besides these major additions to facilitate Frieda’s movements, Dignity at Home provided security in her shower area with two grab
bars, a hand-held shower head and a wall bracket to suspend it at a comfortable level. Happily, her daughter reports, “This program really increased my mom’s confidence in safely moving around in her home.” Goal achieved. Article submitted by Health Aging

Home Safety Services is a proud partner with the Healthy Aging Association to help prevent falls.