Linda (79) – Modesto
Ken is the primary caregiver to his 79-year old wife Linda, who has had some falls and has
developed a strong fear of falling. A local church provided a ramp at the entry of the home, and
while Ken has attempted to install some fall prevention accessories himself, Linda’s physical
therapist felt more items and more education might be needed and provided. Their social worker
steered them to the Dignity At Home Program.

Ken has the clutter “organized” out of pathways so that Linda can get around freely. However, to
get to the laundry and the car in the garage, there are two steps that are potential problems. Of
chief concern, however, is the master bathroom,the location where Linda has had several falls. The shower chair was unsteady, shaking at a touch, and the floor was absent of a non-slip bath mat. Also, the shower head was not in easy reach.
Healthy Aging provided information and advice as well as a smoke detector and two Files of Life for
the kitchen. In the garage a special ExtendaBar was installed to facilitate movement of people and
articles from garage to kitchen floor level.

The bathroom received major improvements with two grab bars, a new shower stool, and a hand-held
shower head with wall mounted bracket at a reachable level. A special mat was provided to bring
this shower truly up to Linda’s needs. Both Ken and Linda were very happy with the work done. Linda
has had no falls since receiving the program’s services and installations and has had a reduction
in her fear. The report came back, “What a lifesaver! We could not have been able to install all of
these great things–a true blessing!” Article submitted by Health Aging

Home Safety Services is a proud partner with the Healthy Aging Association to help prevent falls.