According to the California Department of Health, there are over 420,786 reported falls throughout the state a year that results in 348,946 emergency room visits. Marin County’s latest falls data reveals that about one third of older adults in Marin reported falling in the past year. Of these older adults, 7 percent called 911 and 20 percent went to the emergency room after an incident of falling. Falls can occur anywhere throughout an individual’s home, with the most common areas located at: stairs, bedroom and bathroom.

Marin Center for Independent Living recently partnered with a regional home modifications company Home Safety Services, to access Marin County’s new “Dignity at Home Fall Prevention Program.” This new program will help to address the critical health issue of falls prevention among older adults and adults with disabilities. Sponsored and funded by the local Area Agency on Aging, the funds for the Dignity at Home Fall Program will help to provide low income individuals with no cost falls prevention modifications including: grab bars, shower chairs, transfer benches, hand held showers, toileting aides, ramps and more. The program is available to qualified low income Marin County individuals who are at risk of at home falls and starts Jan 2021.

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About Home Safety Services:  Home Safety Services has been a pioneer in the field of home modifications for over twenty years.  Through direct service, third party payers and public/private partnerships, Home Safety Services has helped over 35,000 Northern California residents enhance and maintain their safety and independence at home.  For more information, visit:

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