Earlier this week Home Safety Services visited a veteran on behalf of the VA to provide a shower chair and grab bar.  Upon assessing his situation, our technician recognized that a shower chair in his tub shower would still require him to step over the high lip of the tub.  At this, the veteran pulled up the back of his shirt to reveal massive scars from previous injuries and surgeries and stated that stepping into the tub shower is extremely difficult for him.  Our technician then initiated calls to the VA and was able to facilitate approval for a transfer bench instead of the shower chair, an additional grab bar and a hand-held shower, the combination of which will enable the veteran to bathe safely and independently without straining to enter the tub shower.  Upon conclusion of the installation, the veteran took a dry run of his new set-up and exclaimed with delight, “I’m gonna take a shower today!”  His joy was palpable.
The knowledge and extra effort of our technician tremendously improved this veteran’s quality of life.  That is what we thrive upon and strive to do every day.