Given the increased risks of Covid-19 in congregate living settings, more families are taking a second look at staying in their own homes and making some modifications to make it safe for them to do so.  Technology solutions have largely solved the challenges of meal preparation, socialization and monitoring that are associated with aging in place, and home modification solutions exist to address nearly every safety, accessibility and fall prevention concern.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges and solutions.

Interior and exterior stairs are the most frequently location for life changing falls to occur.  Proper stair railings and modular wheelchair ramps are terrific solutions to aid in navigating a few stairs.  Full flights of stairs, with or without turns, are best served by stair lift solutions.  Stair lifts are probably more affordable than you imagine, and they are down-right cheap when compared against the costs and compromises associated with moving.

Many of our homes have tubs and showers that were designed with younger bodies in mind.  The deep tubs that seemed so attractive years ago are now a liability.  Alternative bathing solutions range from the very simple (e.g. benches, chairs and grab bars) to the moderately involved (e.g. barrier-free showers and overhead lift systems) and everything in between.  Consultation with a home modification expert will typically result in a practical, cost-effective and aesthetic solution which can be completed in matter of days to a few weeks.

Difficulty getting on or off the toilet independently is a threat both safety and dignity.  Bidet, rail and lift systems can be retrofitted to nearly any toilet dramatically changing one’s level of independence instantly.

The need for in-home care or a relocation often becomes necessary when transferring from a chair or bed to a wheelchair or walker becomes difficult to perform independently.  A variety of devices from lift chairs to transfer poles may enable you to regain independence and confidence to transfer confidently.  For those who require significant assistance, overhead lifts (which can be installed virtually anywhere) provide all of the lifting force necessary requiring only an attendant to operate the remote control.

Even with all of these wonderful solutions, there may come a time where the assistance of a caregiver or relocation is necessary.  However, proper utilization of home modification strategies can greatly extend the length of time we can live independently in the home of our choosing and enjoy the best possible quality of life.

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