What is a Word Cloud?

Google says a word cloud is “an image composed of words used in a particular text or subject, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance. So, the more often a specific words appears in your text, the bigger and bolder it appears in your word cloud.”

Home Safety Services collected the adjectives used by our customers to describe our services to compile the Word Cloud. The words are weighted by their frequency, so the bigger the font size the more frequently it was used in a review. For example, the word “professional” was used by 142 customers in their comments. We looked at over 1,000 hard copy and online reviews to compile the data. We are delighted with our 5 Star reviews across every platform and are even more gratified to hear our clients use words to describe us that resonate with our core values of Expertise, Efficiency and Care.

Thank you to all of our past clients for their complementary words. Our “Word Cloud” could not have been created without them.