Area Nonprofit Assists Oakland Resident Return to a Safe Home

According to the California Department of Health, there are over 420,786 reported falls throughout the state a year. Approximately 17,138 of these falls occur every year in Alameda county. Falls can occur anywhere throughout an individual’s home, with the most common areas located at: stairs, bedroom and bathroom. To help better educate the public regarding falls and their prevention, September 23 (the beginning of Fall) is observed as National Falls Awareness week.

Oakland’s Daybreak Adult Day Care was made aware of a city resident who could not return to his home from skilled nursing care because he was now confined to wheelchair and had no access ramp to enter his home. Daybreak contacted an area home medical equipment provider Home Safety Services for assistance with this client’s access problem. Between Daybreak and the wheelchair ramp provider, they were able to provide a solution that allowed the client to safely return home from skilled nursing. In the spirit of National Falls Awareness Week (Sept 23), Home Safety Services provided the ramp and installation services at no charge.

DayBreak of Alameda county is dedicated to expanding the awareness, availability and quality of adult care centers. Daybreak utilizes community outreach, advocacy, partnerships and quality program development to support their efforts. These adult care centers help individuals with disabilities to continue living at home by providing a welcoming community that fosters health, wellness and the support of families/caregivers.


Contact Daybreak at:

510 17th Street, Suite 200 Oakland, CA 94612