Case Study – Ramps


Our client’s husband was on hospice and had taken a sudden downturn in his mobility. She was desperate to be able to get him in and out of the house both for appointments and to enjoy his beautiful yard in his remaining days.


We were able to assess the home via online images. Due to our large inventory of both new and refurbished equipment, that same afternoon we were able to install a modular ramp system which enabled our client to wheel her husband in and out with ease. They were both delighted to have nearly instantaneously regained an improved and more dignified quality of life. Several weeks later, we received a call from the client informing us that her husband had passed. She expressed how thankful she was to have the ramp, but also requested that it be removed as soon as possible so as to remove a symbol of his decline as she now prepared for family and friends coming to pay their respects. Again, we were able to respond that same day and remove the ramp and return the front of the home to its previous appearance. Our client could not have been more appreciative of not only our providing a practical and effective solution at her time of need, but also for removing it promptly upon request so as to enable her to move forward with her process of grieving.


Working with hospice families is one of our satisfying types of engagement. So many of our services can improve the quality of life for the entire family during this difficult period, and selfishly, we receive a lot of satisfaction from being able to help, often in surprisingly creative and responsive ways.

Nov 12, 2018