Martin Simenc Addresses Tech-Enabled Innovations in Care Transitions Conference

Total Healthcare Costs

A wide variety of health care executives gathered in San Francisco hear of innovations to improve care transitions (e.g. acute to post acute to residential care). Presenters included Gray Miller, Cofounder and CEO of Titanium Healthcare; Ryan Iwamoto, Co-Founder of 24Hr HomeCare; Jiang Li, CEO of VivaLnk, Inc.; Kian Saneii, Founder and CEO of Independa, Inc.; and Martin Simenc, President of Home Safety Service.

Martin presented data on the relatively low-tech but high ROI innovation of strategically targeting home modifications to high-risk patients. The healthcare cost savings associated with home modifications have traditionally been divided by multiple entities. Reduced lengths of stay and re-admissions benefited hospitals, faster and safer discharges from skilled nursing facilities benefited insurers, and improved ADL scores benefited home health agencies. In an integrated healthcare environment, visibility of and appreciation for the total healthcare costs savings that result from targeted home modifications is finally arrived.

Jul 12, 2017