The Senior Accessible Housing Act (HR1780) is Reintroduced

HR1780 is a milestone for home modifications.  The act, now introduced for the second time, would allow for a $30,000 tax credit to seniors who invest in qualifying safety and accessibility related modifications to their homes.  The hope is that by giving a tax incentive, more Americans will take the initiative to make their homes livable and accessible for the rest of their lives.  The bill, sponsored by Charlie Crist (D-FL), has twelve co-sponsors.  Although the outlook for passage is not favorable for this term, the momentum behind the initiative is growing.  Louis Tenenbaum, Homes Renewed, a long time industry advocate has been the driving force behind this movement.  Contact your local congressperson to encourage their support of HR1780 as it’s passage will have significant direct and indirect impacts.  Seniors who are considering making modifications will be much more likely to do so when the tax incentives become law; more consumers making modifications will grow the industry and, in turn, further grow consumer awareness of the importance of home modifications which will also hopefully lead to lower prices and more public funding for those unable to afford services.

Mar 29, 2017