Case Study – Grab Bars & Bathroom Safety


The VA asked us to assess whether we could assist one our veterans improve his current commode. Our client had a degenerative muscular condition which limited him to walking straight-legged, and when he bent his knees slightly, he lost all ability to stand. As such, he could walk with his walker to the toilet, but plopping down was dangerous and getting up very difficult. He was using an overly tall commode which resulted in an unhygienic, undignified and unsafe situation.


We suggested and ultimately procured for him a toilet lift that enabled him to lean back and transfer to the seat safely and guide gradually down to a traditional seating height. When he was ready to get up, the lift enabled him to transfer safely to his walker.


Enhancing not only the safety, but the dignity and independence of our seniors, and in particular that of our veterans, is what makes our role so rewarding.

Oct 17, 2014