Martin Simenc Recognized for Contributions to the IAFCS

Martin Simenc, President of Home Safety Services, was recently recognized for his contributions to the International Association for Child Safety.

Simenc served as Secretary to the Association for 2005 and 2006. His contributions included organizing emceeing the Association’s Annual Conferences, creating and editing the Association newsletter and forming a system of committees to lead the Association to the next level.

He has also been instrumental in forming the vision of the Association and the initiative to establish a national certification program for child safety professionals.

In describing the scope of Simenc’s contributions at a recent conference, Jeff Baril, Association President, commented that “any of the numerous accomplishments made by the Association in the last couple of years were either initiated or single-handedly completed by Martin. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his tremendous contributions.”

Simenc has been a member of the International Association of Child Safety since 1998 and continues to be an active Association member and a frequent contributor to numerous Association committees.

Apr 30, 2007