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We all know that we should be prepared, but very few of us are. WE MAKE IT EASY for families to prepare themselves for fire, earthquake, medical and other emergencies by providing various DETECTORS, KITS and SERVICES. Furthermore, many of our services greatly reduce the likelihood of an emergency situation occurring in the first place.


Residential fires can be personally devastating, but they need not be deadly. Whether it’s an ESCAPE LADDER, SMOKE DETECTOR or FIRE EXTINGUISHER, our technicians are expert at assessing the need for and professionally installing them in an efficient manner. Building code now rightly dictates that smoke detectors be provided in each sleeping area, the adjacent hallway and on each level of the home. Recent technological developments have created more sophisticated and more effective monitoring and warning devices (such as WIRELESS TALKING ALARMS) that are particularly helpful for both children and the elderly. Although you may not prevent a fire from occurring, you can readily prepare yourself to MINIMIZE ITS IMPACT.

Earthquake / Disaster

The risk of a major earthquake or other disaster is greater than ever. BRACING FURNITURE, TELEVISIONS and WATER HEATERS that may topple are essential safety precautions due to the risk of living in a seismically active area. We carry a selection of high quality devices to prevent damage to furniture (even antiques) and injury to your loved ones. Our DISASTER KITS for both homes and vehicles contain the ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES to sustain your family when the next disaster occurs.

Medical Emergency

Our EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM enables you to immediately notify loved ones and emergency personnel in the event of a medical emergency, such as a stroke, heart attack or fall. It provides tremendous peace of mind to both seniors and their extended family members and caregivers. All seniors, especially those living alone, should have a means to alert emergency personnel 24 HOURS/DAY to ensure IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to a medical emergency. Time is of the essence, particularly when someone experiences a stroke. Prompt response by medical personnel can make all the difference in one’s quality of life following a stroke or other medical emergency. Children of aging parents particularly appreciate knowing that mom or dad can readily and promptly SUMMON HELP when they need it.

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